Photography Tips

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Lookout for interesting objects around the subject
Compose the frame carefully. Avoid certain distractions due to a harsh background or a foreground, eg brightly coloured objects, a broken branch, plastic wrapper, tourist vehicle, bright patch of sunlight etc. However sometimes, something in the surrounding enhances the quality of the picture or tells something vital about the subject. During such occasions, include it.

Lookout for interesting objects around the subject
The dry leaf on top of the image commands more attention than the subject, a frog in this case, sitting towards the base of the image. However, the leaf highlights the extraordinary mimicry shown by the Red narrow-mouthed frog (Mycrohyla rubra), and hence is a desirable aspect of the image. [Hope you have spotted a highly camouflaged spider (with her egg case below her) to the southeast of the leaf! Every square inch of the forest floor is laden with surprises for an eager mind and camera].